sacred bones



"Sacred Bones Forever Forver Sacred Bones"

sacred bones


In Memory of
Harry "Gramps" Keller
May 1905 ~ Dec. 1995


In Memory of
Clyde Keller
Sept. 1934 ~ Jan. 2013


Founded 1947


Between 1947 and 1954 the club had made a small mark in Pennsylvania and drew little attention. After WWII, Gramp's had a loved for motorcycles and riding around the county side. He didn't really take to traditional clubs which have a lot of politics built in. With due respect to traditional motorcycle clubs, Sacred Bones MC was found out of our natural individual inability to conform to traditional riding clubs. Gramp's just wanted to create a club which anyone could join, no politics, leaders, or a lot of rules; just show up and ride. He just was one who wanted to enjoy life, ride free, and yet wanted to create a motorcycle club unlike any other. A club that required nothing from its membership, except a desire to ride motorcycles, and have fun. Him a few of his friends worked for the Government and were part of the DOD that recovered U.S. Soldier remains from WWII. Thus, he named his group "Sacred Bone".
There wasn't a lot of advertisement back then, and what was the internet then; much less this type of club really didn't get a lot of recognition. As the club didn't grow very big, it was just he and a few of his friends. After about 1954, Gramp's wasn't able to ride much, and the club slow slipped away, becoming inactive. Gramps passed on the club to his son (my father) Clyde in 1954. Clyde Was a Marine, Recon, in the Korena War. Clyde too, loved motorcycles and riding, but didn't take to groups. Gramps friends were not riding as must any more either. Clyde didnt' do much with the club. In 1958, Clyde moved to California. Back in Pennsylvania, Gramp's members previous faded away, and/or passed on.

In 1978, I inherited the club; I redesigned the patch, but shortly after I had joined the military, A few of my friends "military" would ride and party together, again forming the Sacred Bones, but now we became the "Sacred Bones Society". Due to my Military commitments, stationed overseas, and assignment relocations, thus the club became international. During my 20 years of service, I didn't keep very good records in those times, so there are members out there I don't have information on.
In 1998, I retired from the military; now not having my military buddies around, I rode with an established club at first, but once again, due to the natural individual inability to conform to traditional motorcycle club ways. I decided to honor my grandfathers legacy, and re-establish the Sacred Bones Society MC, in California. And yes, this will be the last patch I will wear.

We are a brotherhood of freedom riders on two wheels, freedom of choice. We are not a "want to be" "traditional M/C". Because of our non-political, non-traditional ways, our normal members ride free of the typical POLITICS that other clubs have built in. On the other hand; Yes, we do have a structure, and officers, a club can't really function or exist with out it. Our club and it's normal membership, has no clubhouse, no monthly dues, no manditory meetings, and no obligations when you ride or who to ride with! Our members are supposed to enjoy what riding is all about. Ride with your like minded individuals, party together, and enjoy life. We come together because we want to. We are neutral status, and claim no territory.

It has been said,
"The man makes the man not color of his patch or the club he belongs to.
Brotherhood should not stop at your clubs patch."

It is my desire to follow my Grandfathers and Fathers Legacy, remebering those who fought and died for our freedoms.

It is the desire of the Sacred Bones Society MC to provide an environment in which anyone with a love for being on two wheels can be a part. For those who have a desire to Leave the drama at home, ride, and party together.
  • To support our Military and Veterans;
    • Remembering those who Servered and gave their all for our Freedom.
    • The freedom our forefathers created for us, to be free, freedom of choice.
  • To pursue, promote and protect the interests of motorcyclists.
  • To be able to still ride among others, and yet our own freedom.
Yet keeping in mind while crossing few areas our rights to the road have attracted attention from other clubs, it is important know where you ride. We give respect to all clubs, in hopes that we will gain the same respect back.

"Why drive a car and watch nature pass you by, when you can ride a motorcycle and slice right through the middle of it?"

"Live to Ride and Ride to Live"